Hakima Tafunzi Payne is a perinatal nurse educator with 30 years experience in perinatal health.  She holds a Masters in Nursing Education from Research College of Nursing in Kansas City MO and has a passion for maternal and infant health in the African-American community.  She has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to the alarming rates of infant and maternal mortality within African-American communities.  She is the creator of the Black Infant Mortality Awareness Walk, held annually the third Saturday in September, the Chocolate Milk Cafe, a peer to peer support model for African-American families, the Sister Doula/Perinatal Community Health Worker Program, a community-based, insurance reimbursed doula program for families using Medicaid, and the Village Circle Model, a midwifery driven, group prenatal care model for African-American families.  Ms. Payne is an educator, researcher, advocate and maternity care activist who has the goal of decreasing racially-based perinatal health inequities in the African-American community by disrupting those factors that underlie the social determinants of health.